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Ch 2 Pg 21
Ch 2 Pg 21

~Unnatural Order Redo~

Yes, if you haven't heard... Im restarting Unnatural Order~ And because I'm much to lazy, I'm just cony copy and paste my explanation from my filler announcement...

"Noah is mad at me, and you probably will be too, because A) I havent uploaded any comics in 30 years and B) I'm starting the comic over.

Now before you grab your pitchforks and torches and you kill me, hear me out~

With the current story and plot, I've just been writing myself into wall after wall, hole after hole. I keep leaving out important details that need to be said or explained, and I dont know where to go quite honestly... and I've debated long and hard over what I want to do.... and I've decided to go back before I get too far.

I mean, yes its inconvienient, but whats the use if I keep going, with a story I can't put my heart into, and on top of that, can't even write.... bleh. I dunno. Plus the story is illogical, and I'm trying and trying to make it make sense, but its hard >A<;;

I also want to tweak the characters... I want Mitzi to be more of a best friend, and I want Noah to be less air headed -hes too ditzy right now- and Truffles.. well.. we haven't seen his real personality yet.. so.. I'l shuddup about him~

ANOHOO... This was my first serious go at a webcomic, so it has been a real learning experience.. so.. yeah... I'm sorry if this truely upsets anyone... you can always unfavorite it.. but.. don't do that.. because Noah will be sad... and so will I.... Truffles won't care, he's too high and mighty for us anyways =3="

And yeah.. that about sums it up C:

I'm really going to miss reading my old comments... -sigh-

Oh well... Its for the better... So yeah... Midnight Tonight -or sometime tomorrow-... I'm deleting all of the comic pages.. BUT NO FEAR! The old pages are located in a new section, http://unnaturalorder.smackjeeves.com/OSUNO/ , or the one Titled Old School UNO.... And yah... Thats all I gotta say... NO WAIT I LIEDDDD

Before I go, I want to give a great big thanks to everyone who has stuck with me, through my lack of updates, vacations, lazyness, and everything I put you through... I want to thank you guys for your comments and your opinions and man. I can't belive you guys like this, I really expected it to be an epic failure, but you guys keep me going and moving foward, and without you, this comic woulden't be half of what is today.. so... Thank you. Really and Truly with all my heart <3<3 -hugsob-

Here's to a bigger and better Unnatural Order!! <3<3

posted by Toasted Jelly on December 22nd, 2007, 10:17 pm   ||   12 comments

Character Page!

I finally made it! YES!!! Besides that.. not much to say! Not that anyone reads this anyways =3=

posted by Toasted Jelly on August 28th, 2007, 4:59 pm   ||   1 comments

Updating -and things you may want to know~

So yeah.. Im going on vacation for a week, and I'll be at my dads house, which is great for me but bad for you because he dosen't have a scanner, so you would not get updates for about 2 weeks unless I do it completly digitally... and that may not turn out well... ._.;;

That, and from July 6th to August 2nd, Im going to be in Mexico, which means I can't update or even use the computer... soo... I figured I could draw alot of pages before I go, and pre-upload them, to update on certian dates! Does that sound ok? let me know what you think on the situation!

Thanks for your time!

<3 Toasted Jelly

posted by Toasted Jelly on June 12th, 2007, 6:25 pm   ||   5 comments

UPDATES -and other stuff-

Well, see, Soccer season has started.. and yeah.. that basiclly eats up all of my freetime, with games twice a week and practice everyday, plus a job and homework... updates may be.. uhm, whats that phrase... Few and far between?? They were already pretty scarce, but they may be even more so.. and.. I'm sorry in advance, I'll try my hardest to atleast update once a week... Uhm... Thanks for reading, I appreciate it <3

<3 Toasted Jelly

posted by Toasted Jelly on March 11th, 2007, 7:07 pm   ||   0 comments

Hallo Tharrr! :D

Uhm.. well.. Hallo hallo. Im going to try.. try try try very very hard to update once a week... on thursday.. no, not thursday.. uhm.. I dunno, but I shall try. ;,; I dont know how to use this site too well yet.. how do you leave an authors comment of a page of the comic? I have no idea, and no one is probably going to read this so I'll have to figure out.. Hmm... .___.;; well then.. Adios?

posted by Toasted Jelly on January 7th, 2007, 7:43 pm   ||   2 comments