» About Jelly! -omg mates!-

So yeah, a little about me, Jelly!
Real Name: My Reeeal name is Angelica Russell! Egads!
Nicknames: Jelly, Jelli, Jellums, Jello Jelliedfox, Toasted Jelly
Age: I'm 17! Oh my!
Birthday: April 17th! You better make me prezzies! Just kidding X3
General Jelly: So yeah, Im Jelly. We've established that. I'm a really hyper-active! And I'm a girl XD I have quite a few friends, but only a handful I would trust my life with -and my secret BL addiction DX- I'm a high school senior, and next year I will be attending The Savanna College of Art and Design. I am planning to pursue a career in animation~ <3 I enjoy drawing -duh- and I like to make comics for fun =w= I don't plan on printing or publishing my comics, they are just for the lulz~ <3 In my free time I like to draw and listen to music and bum around the interwebs ^w^ I love animals, and my favorites are cats, cheetahs, zebras, mice, squirrels, foxes and unicorns~ I'm pretty niave and I don't like smut. I do like hugsies and kisses though..C; Im also semi vegetarian, I only eat fish! And thats a little about Jelly that mabye you didnt know ^w^
Favorite Foods: Potatoes, Orange Soda, Cheese, Lemonade, sushi, Parmesan cheese, spicey foods, Oreos, out of the box Fun-fetti cupcakes, Apples, Pears, and bananas!
Foods I hate: Peanut butter, Popcorn, Most types of cookies and cakes, pretzels, Pop-tarts, potato chips -with the exception of potato chips with hot sauce- and Boca Burgers. -bleh-
Music? I like Jazz, and hip-hop and classical music... I actually don't know alot about music, so there's more I like, I just dont know what its called... I like Imogen Heap, and Coldplay, and some others I can't remeber the names of...
Totally random: Im extremly afriad of falling down the stairs. Im very shy. I love rollarcoatsers. I'm scared of Thunder and storms.
Thats all folks!
I think I've wasted enough of your time! <3