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Updating -and things you may want to know~

So yeah.. Im going on vacation for a week, and I'll be at my dads house, which is great for me but bad for you because he dosen't have a scanner, so you would not get updates for about 2 weeks unless I do it completly digitally... and that may not turn out well... ._.;;

That, and from July 6th to August 2nd, Im going to be in Mexico, which means I can't update or even use the computer... soo... I figured I could draw alot of pages before I go, and pre-upload them, to update on certian dates! Does that sound ok? let me know what you think on the situation!

Thanks for your time!

<3 Toasted Jelly

posted by Toasted Jelly @ June 12th, 2007, 6:25 pm   5 Comments


SophosAmoresDraken, June 12th, 2007, 6:54 pm

Yes, sounds good.

Panther385, June 12th, 2007, 7:11 pm

Sounds fine to me. :3

coolchan, June 12th, 2007, 7:20 pm

Sounds perfectly fine. ^^

Kazz, June 12th, 2007, 11:20 pm

Oh, go ahead and do the pre-update.
And don't worry too much about the quality. <3

Rainbird, June 13th, 2007, 7:06 pm

Sounds perfectly fine to me.

Have fun!!